Choosing the Choice.

There’s always a choice.

My friend chose to tell me this and I chose to accept it and then i chose to allow it.

The story of my life.
I can say this because i don’t know, i only can create what i choose to create. From a place of clarity, depth, and natural selection.

To do this you have to be completely yourself, and to do that you can’t give up. The trials and tribulations of my “life” and the illusions I have experienced are because deep inside of me there is this drive, that has it’s own purpose, willing and able to do what it will do to unfold.

Sometimes we ask ourselves if we are doing the choosing.
I say yes we are.

But the choice to accept and allow choice itself is to say i have chosen to flow with nature.

This means altruism, we are born into this depth and spiritual essence.

I can sit and try and think my way through anything but in the end it’s the energy of the feeling of the vibration of our light, if they say I am 99% light then by all means let’s be light.

Let it flow and glow. From wishful thinking, to deeper contemplation to realization and then “being”, it all unfolds perfectly.

Even the soul is in the game, for it sheds its skin, after years and years of the ages of ages of travelling to the source of light.

Whimsical and delightful as it sounds, I choose this choice to see this by the choices that I have come to unfold each and every day of my life.

The choice to do so has lead me here and now, good/bad, right/wrong, who cares for we know to care is to worry and doubt and we know that doesn’t work.

So we are free, we are to say I don’t know, to finally accept our philosophies that feel right, so if we are light we feel right, and it’s all so natural.

Natrual choices, natural ways of being, no faster or longer then natural selection of unfolding.

Our psychology is not even close to the source of what is potentially awaiting to unfold.

Beyond brain is mind, i say this with choice of choosing to say it is so.
It flows with me.
I am accepting and allowing this deepness that desires to say that I have the flow in the ever lasting hands of God, and it has it’s driven purpose, with you along side to enjoy the ride.

the journey ride of life, that unfolds ever so perfectly.
Naturally and connected.
Never missing a beat, nor a grace of God’s hand.

We are so in tune with it if we only choose to say we are so in tune with it.
We are so happy because we choose to say I am so happy.
Just choose it
Say it
It sets out the sphere of light inside of you
and says…

let’s go.
the side views, the perspectives, the sights, the sounds, the smell, the touch of anything and everything.

all the books, all the videos, all the gurus, it’s one word.
Guidance is a choice, if you choose to say I am guided, then you are guided.
Whatever comes out of you, from your heart to your mouth is a flowing choice.

We cannot even fathom the choices that are being made for us after the choice has been made in itself.

The wonders unfolding from here to the eternal sides of the universe.
I am conscious.of that choice.
now and for ever, for it’s the same.
it is and it isn’t
but it’s a choice.

Conscious choice.

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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    I realized today as I was walking around and doing my chores, I actively made choices instead of choices being made for me. What a big difference. It is as if by making certain choices we are encoding a vibration that always says "Yes" to our choice.

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