Did you miss it?

The idea that is. That was roaming around you waiting for you to put your attention to it.

One thing ideas don’t like is a closed mind. Why? Because that’s where it is, in the mind.

The brain filters it based on your mindset, but the mind is the roaming place where it floats around playing with other ideas and formulating patterns to make the idea that much more explosive.

Thoughts are one thing, ideas are another. but we are not ready for ideas because we don’t know where they come from and how.

That a-ha moment comes once the brain has filtered the information from your mind.

Asking questions. The right ones, sometimes I speak to myself and ask questions from my subconscious mind to let me know where the answer is, or where I can turn my attention to so I am able to receive the idea.

As subtle as thoughts are, the ideas that come from them are a formulated process. Though the brain does receive those ideas, they are done so from the mindset you’ve established to receive them.

Thus it’s important to have an idea consciousness.
An idea consciousness is first choosing to say, I have an idea consciousness mindset.
Then it’s choosing to say I am open to new ideas.
The thoughts of ideas are not important.
The idea of choosing ideas is.

You do this by not thinking of ideas, rather let your thoughts be congruent with your mindset of idea consciousness.

To be able to have an idea consciousness you must be an observational researcher.
Unattached and open to what is unfolding at any given moment.

Intuition will let you know when it’s time to look and where. Don’t think when it will happen but just let it happen.

Don’t miss any idea, even the small ones change course and take you to a new dimension of seeing things that you might have missed out on before.

I have a philsophy. I know that I don’t know.
Meaning, i don’t know that the brain and mind are the same.
I don’t know. Neither do scientists.

That’s because they can’t “figure out” how the brain really works with the mind. After all you can’t see an idea, nor can we break down one’s thought process.

But what we can do is accept what is natural. and what is natural is to see that ideas have and will always be something that comes to you when it’s ready only if you are attentive to the idea of idea consciousness.

The idea may come in the form of a word in a song that you hear on the radio. A conversation taking place next to you at a restaurant.

It comes in it’s own flowing manner.
Don’t miss out because there are so many ideas awaiting to be recognized and taken advantage of.

Start by first choosing an Idea Consciousness and saying you are conscious of ideas.

Second, accept that in order to receive them you must be an observational researcher.
Third see it as an opportunity, an added value opportunity.

A growth mindset.

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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    Ooooh so good, informative and provocative. A great exercise to become conscious.

  2. Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

  3. truth and false may lie in the eye of the beholder not because of choice but conditioned choice. By keeping your attention to it, we think we know. by understanding the process we don’t know.

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