How to approach a tough client who won’t accept new ideas.

Sometimes we don’t know what’s good for us. We have a closed mind to accepting others ideas. Opinions are one thing, they are our own, but ideas are not our own, they belong to all of us.

I’ve had my trials and tribulations of working with people that just “rejected ideas” and that’s ok. Sometimes we are stuck in the habit of our own “problems, solutions, opportunities” that we don’t see what others see.

New ideas are always rejected and rightfully so.
Because the brain hasn’t been able to accept it, and there’s a reason why:
A fixed minset.

The best way to get a client to hear you out when you have a new idea is to first understand that person. Observation plays a huge role.

Your observation profile of a client is understanding more than knowing.

When you can gain perspectives not only from you own observations but asking questions from other sources, different angles.

Proposal writers will benefit from understanding not only the hotspots, but also the underlying factors involved. Between those lines are valuable information on how to approach one’s way of thinking.

I like how Stephen Covey says it…Win/Win or no deal.
and it’s true.
we both want to win, you win because you are offering added value opportunities and the client wins because they understand you because you took the time to understand them.

Approaching a prospect is all about understanding their point of view and adding yours to their understanding at the same time.

In essence you are reflecting back to the client: their own self, only with a new perspective that flows with them, rather then seeing it from an outside perspective they get to see it from their own.

Ask questions like.
How can i better understand my clients?
How can I learn to create more opportunities for them?

Call their secretary, ask them how can I better undersand your boss?
Be creative with the approach.

The percentage of ideas being rejected will decrease and it will make your job alot easier when you can flow with offering new ideas.

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