It’s not what you think, it’s how you think about what to think

I like flow. It’s an uninterupted way of looking at things. A natural congruency with my philosophies, and it also reduces the need to react to any psychological behaviours.

Anything in life can be thought of, but how you think of that thought is where the juice is. You are looking at life from the point of integration, that’s what integrity means. It then becomes your habit when you characterize it everyday in your life.

So if someone or something triggers you to the point of reaction causing you to step out of the flow, you can redirect the point of thought by saying, “I choose how to think about any what”

When we are conscious of the choice then the how is easily implemented, that space that allows  you to respond rather then react.

How to think is to say my thought patterns flow easily and effortlessly with my natural self.

It curves tempers and reduces the level of stress that one has endured over many years  of constant and irrelevant reactive circumstances.

How to think is a flow.

What to think is secondary to how you think about what to think.

It becomes a choice, instead of a reaction.

So the next time you find yourself about the react, say to yourself, “How I think about this will ultimately change what to think and keep me in the flow.”

Flow to Glow.

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