New world of neuromarketing.

“The medial prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain known to be involved in our sense of self. It fires in response to a stimulus — an image, name or concept — that resonates with who we are. Something clicks, and we are more likely to buy.”
Source: Innovators Digest

This article suggests that branding does indeed go beyond images and memory recall.

It’s implainted in our brains. How so? because our thinking and judging are being influenced, first by the repetitive images that influence our thoughts.

However, it’s the judging aspect that takes it into our brains and makes it influence our choices to buy one brand over another.

Even if you like one brand over another because of impulsive choice, you will inevitably go with the brand that has gotten into your brain called the Prefontal Cortex.

When the brand choice to make is known, the influence and the experience that is related in your brain goes with that choice.

The reaons why is because the stronger brand has taken your experience based on the brains functional mechanism of thinking and judgiing and influenced your decision.

Welcome to the new world of neuromarketing.

Here’s the source link again…
Innovators Digest

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