Step out of your brain.

Information Overload vs Consumption.

It’s inevitable that we are flushed with so much information coming at us from different angles, different perspectives and combining them with our own experiences.

But the reason why it may seem it’s information overload is because it’s the brain that is causing you to feel like this.

Information overload is when you think you have to know everything that you are coming across of. The information in fact tries to get into your head because the brain is receiving the information prior to any “minding” going on.

What is minding?

We can choose to accept and allow ourselves to step outside of the brain and into a realm of free space where the mind can flow and allow the information that is being analyzed do so on a mind level rather then a brain level.

The brain is the thinking process, the mind is where the action happens that makes up patterns to see that the information you are consuming is actually viable to your attention and conscious needs.

For example… when I read a book, if I am uninterested and yet conscious of it, I immediately drop reading that book and let it come back to me at another point in time if it guides me to do so.

Simplifying your life is to say that I am conscious of those things that are important to me on a level that bypasses the brain and gets you into the part of the mind that allows you to be free from information overload.

I have to admit explaining this is a lot harder then it should be, but sometimes our thought processes are not congruent to others, and that is because our “sum total of variables” which is a philosophy that the brain has been born in a certain way and when we try to change it from the level of thinking that it was created in. That’s insane.

I didn’t say it, Einstein did, and to boot he also said that imagination is more important than knowledge, which goes very well with what I am saying about mind and brain.

Imagination is part of the mind not the brain, and yet we try to use the brain to think things through when in fact all we need to do is let our minds expand and create patterns.

Simplifying your life is to say, I am going to choose to step outside of my brain and into a realm of mind that frees me up from being so overloaded with the information that comes to me.

Especially in today’s fast paced environment where we have emails, chat, twitter, social media, and a diverse array of other distractions that we spend so much time on trying to “figure it all out”

That’s your ego and brain trying to get it all and then you’re left with a big headache.

Try this out for size.

Ask yourself I am willing and able to step outside of my brain.
I am giving my self free space to let my mind work out patterns that will benefit me.

In life we have the gift of choice.
Make it a choice to free yourself from the brain and step into your mind.

A great book to read on productivity is “Get things done” you will find the link for this book in the “I recommend” section to the right.

The brain has a grip on everything you’ve come across and it holds on to it for life, because that’s what the brain does, it receives signals and those signals stick.

But that’s not the problem the problem is we can’t get out of the mud.

Simplify your life.

Consuming vs. Assuming

When we are reading books, articles, magazines…whatever, its about consuming rather then assuming. We again use the brain to try and think it through, sometimes the information you are reading is not meant to serve its purpose until a later time.

So when you are consuming from a mind aspect your mind is filtering the information so it can be received by the brain.

But what we do instead is we assume the information instead of consume it for the purposes of “downloading” what needs to be used for our purposes and thus when we read we then create room for allowing ourselves to get into the point where we can really get what we are reading.

Simplify your life by getting out of your brain and into that free space.

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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    Ah, I tried to consume this blog and need more. Good lead in. Can you expand more on this blog? I see atleast 3 more blogs from this one, needing to give birth. LOL probably way more than that. Very good!

  2. Just by saying i tried…you lost….lol trying won't help… the try became, "figuring out" when it will consume.

    • Hi Anna, I was traveling this week and not able to keep up with my fraovite blogs, but whenever I heard about the news from Brisbane, you and Black & Spiro were on my mind. I am so glad to check in this morning and read that you stayed dry, but feel for your friends and neighbors who weren’t as fortunate. Reopening your doors and trying to get back to normal does seem like the best way to support your community. I hope that everyone is able to recover soon. Best, Jeanne

    • Please keep us informed just like this. I get the urge to say it would sluppy up to !I’m learn a good thing from you site, while I’m hoping to achieve my goals. I absolutely liked reading everything that is published on your websites.Continuetruly are at core obtainable throughout. I actually like ypriceur post, Ill are obtainable to verify the latest posts.

    • thank you for the update snptpeis that you have been sharing with us. we have family in the brisbane area that we’ve been worried about and have had a somewhat difficult time getting a hold of. being so far away (we’re in hawaii) kicks up our anxiety about our family and friends that are having to deal with the flooding and aftermath … especially since there is nothing we can do except send our thoughts and prayers out to all of you. take care of yourselves!

  3. Your blog is the first one I ever read. I was stoked when I found out your shop is in New Farm. I used to stay in Harcourtstreet as a bpacakcker and my sister just moved to Brisbane. They’re now living just off Oxford street and luckely they’re also fine. But the devistation is enormous and the worries overseas from her family huge. My heart goes out to those who have lost in this flood. I know people say it’s just ‘things’. In one way that is true but those things come with a lot of memories. All the best,Caroline from the Netherlands

  4. Hi! I’ve been following your blog seltnily for quite some time but I think now would be a good time to leave a comment.First of all, am glad to hear that you and your family are safe, and that Black and Spiro is unaffected. I also think it’s really admirable that you are thinking about others and offering help wherever possible. I actually heard on the news that there’s “too much help” coming forth, which is extremely heartening especially in such tragic circumstances.Prayers to all of you!

  5. We are just passing by the same traedgy here in Brazil. From last week till now, more than 600 people have died in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Beautiful cities like Petropolis, Terezopolis and Nova Friburgo, once filled of tourist who were looking for peace, fresh air and wonderful views.We have no idea how to “fix” the cities, and we know we’ll never be able to “fix” the souls of those who’ve lost everything, every detail of theis past and history…We’re too sad.God help us all.

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