Taking ourselves way to seriously.

This is serious business. But what makes it serious business?

I remember my last confession to a priest, my ignorance and lack of understanding, i said to the priest, “Father forgive me for I have sinned because I had pre-marital sex.”

He says to me, “Oh no Spiro this is a sin and you must stop.”
At that point, I felt this surge of emotion and I began to laugh.

He asks me, “Why are you laughing.”
I said..”Because if you were to come to the club with me, and see those fine ladies, you’d sin to.”

He started laughing and that’s when I realized that we take things that we believe sometimes way to seriously.

I knew deep down inside I didn’t sin, but this sin is another proven psychological meme that has spread throughout a lifetime.

People take things way to seriously. Sure there are things that need to be taken seriously but at that moment when you do, you need to laugh at yourself and thus release that serious nature of making it serious.

Just because your focused on a specific part, doesn’t mean it has to be taken seriously, because it will end up blocking you from being able to see things that may surface.

Like new ideas and creativity.

Stop taking anything that matters seriously. Because you are not helping the matter by thinking seriously. It’s force rather then power when you take things seriously.

Do you take your business seriously? If you do then you are not really taking full advantage of what you can do with your business when you stop taking it seriously.

Serious doesn’t mean dedicated, focused, committed.
Serious means nervous, anticipation, past examples of mistakes that have been made.

Are you a serious person? If you are, then redefine the way you define serious and watch how it unfolds in a new way.

Seriously, stop being so serious.

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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    Ok OK, I get it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it is all small stuff.

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