Twitter: Integration meets Integrity.

Twitter inevitably is the first true integration platform. Twitter though without Tweet Deck is ineffective.

Reasons why to use Tweet Deck,
You can create strategic groups of people in any given category or preference.

For example: you should create groups of people in different categories, Start with…

Innovators Group
Begin by doing a google search and type in Innovators or Innovation Companeis, by doing so you will connect with companies, those companies have people who are well diversed in the field of innovation, seek them out and follow them on twitter.

You are creating a real time virtual informative feedback of the best of the best information out there for innovation.

The above example can be used for any type of group creations.
You can seek out publishers, editors, investors, consultants, in any field, marketing, innovation, idea generation, strategy, graphic design. etc.

Once you’ve created your groups you have established a platform of wellrounded real time feedback and the added value is that you are coming in contact in real time with people that can help you.

The reason the “why” is more important then the “how to” is because you are providing substance to your efforts, building your platform beyond the “linkage” game and getting into closer contact with others through bringing integrity to the integration.

Make a list of people that have influence in any given field, learn from those insights and bring forth your added value opportunities.

It’s about substance and making strategic synergy connections. Communication is a flow.

And why it flows is because of the integrity you bring to those connections.

In the end it matters why we are twittering in the first place.

To bring our value.

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