What do I know?

“The two worlds, the divine and the human are actually one. The realm of the Gods is a forgotten dimension of the world we know.”

— Joseph Campbell
American Professor and Writer

What is this forgotten world that we are suppose to know?
Is it objectively knowing rather than subjectively understanding.

When we identify that we don’t know then by not knowing we identify that we know that we don’t know.
Makes sense right?

How so, well, if we accept and allow that we don’t know the answer then the answer becomes knowing that we don’t know.

Your ego won’t allow you to do this and for an obvious reason, it’s the threshold of reality and illusion and the point where the ego is actually keeping us from floating away into space and keeping our feet on the ground, ego is not a phantom, it’s about being in the most dense form possible.

That is where ego comes from because ego is dense.
And a dense ego is one that can’t see no more then what is in front of it.
It has no clue of any subjective understanding and if allowed to run your life, it will run so because of the mechansim of your brain, and the brain is controlled by the ego. But hey what do I know.

The point Joseph Campell was trying to make was that these two worlds are in fact one but we try to know the other world, that is where the problem resides.

We know our reality, yet we don’t know how our reality comes about, we know that our brain is the mechansim that runs the show, yet we don’t know if the mechanism is run by something else that cannot be even remotely fathomed by knowing.

It’s pretty simple, we cannot know God, you can’t objectify him.

Or can you!

This is how it works, when you completely let go of knowing, you finally don’t know.
because when you don’t know you then know you don’t know.
again does this make sense.

Most will try to decipher it, examine it and then rationalize it.

but what if you could see it in a way that says, YES!
I don’t know, and by not knowing, i do know now that i don’t know.

It will shift you automatically by letting go of the don’t knowing because now you know you don’t know.

Sounds confusing and it should be confusing, because it’s your brain that is making it so.
Where it doesn’t become so confusing anymore is when you say to yourself.

I am.

I am.
I am.
Do you know this, Yes i do.
I know that i don’t know and now that i know i don’t know

I can be free to create.

Reality becomes then that illusion, it’s the acceptance of thoughts create reality
It’s the acceptance that the soul unfolds for it’s own reasons.
It becomes blissful because you choose to understand the process of not knowing.

You can write down all the goals you desire, but if you think you know, then you’ve accepted that you truly don’t know, and by doing that you know it for sure you don’t know.

Then God becomes magical, whimsical, and imaginative, because you know your thoughts
That’s what you really want to know
You want to know your thoughts
You want to know your actions
You want to know your feelings
You are consciously knowing that life is unfolding
Not by objectifying it.
but because you subjectively understand it
and that leaves you with….


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