What is consciousness?

What’s really going on? What is this consciousness that everyone talks about and should be considered to live a more fulfilling life?

What is being consciously aware?
Attention. Alert and observant.

Spiritually the way consciousness is viewed is a state of being. No thoughts, no emotions, just being.

But this is very deep and most cannot and are not allowed to conceptualize it and become it.

The reason behind that is because the power of the brain. The brain is always in motion processing information.

The only way to truly get into the spiritual consciousness is to be truly calm and relaxed and aware of your surroundings. This state of consciousness is your God given talent and gift.

but the skill factor involved to reach a state of consciousness involves more work and needs to truly go beyond believing and thinking of consciousness to becoming conscious.

However, let’s look at consciousness on a philosophical level of understanding the “point”

The point of having a conscious awareness is to truly be a participant in your life. Being conscious of the flow of your life unfolding is how we are to be conscious on a level of daily living.

The subconscious mind/brain/mind “whatever” is habitual.
Automatic and it has accepted the formation of beliefs you call “self” those beliefs have attitudes that create feelings and then thoughts that are acted upon.

Feelings come before the thoughts. That’s how thoughts are created by the vibration you are currently vibrating at.

but in order to vibrate on a certain level you are experiencing your attitudes, attitudes are how you portray your life to the real world, because of your beliefs.

Ok, lets say that you are conscious of your day. You are aware of the feelings you have, aware of your thoughts, and observing yourself throughout the day.

First your habits are set and are always taking shape. Each and everyday. By being conscious you can observe what habits are those that you live on a unconscious level.

You can observe your unconscious….consciously.

So then you see what you believe, because you can see your attitude throught the day, and because you are conscious of that as well you see how your feeling throughout the day and that shows you your thoughts and of course we act on them.

Consciousness is not a scary thing.. but it can be when you have finally come to the realization that you are responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions.

Then what happens is also a journey into a place of realiziing you are alive, and you are indeed in control by being consicous of your life.

I know it sounds crazy.
but it’s so true when you see it and have observed yourself for a while. speaking to those conscious of their life, they see a beautiful experience of life unfolding.

Trust me when i tell you that when you first see yourself conscious of your thoughts but more so your actions. Sometimes we can’t help it, it’s stuck and it’s processsing and its a functional mechanism.

Yep, the brain is so functional you can’t get out of it if you are not aware of it.

Consciousness is to be alive.
Acceptance of what unfolds is life.

The great thing about consciousness is that you then become an active participant in your life. The things that you become aware of are chosen.

The definition of bliss is observing your conscious awareness of life unfolding.
The definition of enlightment is living it now.

I’m curious I’d like to hear your definition of consciousness and how you have come to understand it.

There’s one quote that I keep close at hand in my thoughts….

“if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

When we are observant of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we are also able to choose how we look at those things, and they will unfold in a new way.

I guess it comes down to letting yourself accept and allow it.
The more we have to think about it, the more we are thinking of consciousness. We can’t think about it.
We have to be it.

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  1. Yes indeed interactive. because we are consuming the moment and it brings up all the senses and yet still connect on an subjective manner.

  2. Janet Vanderhoof

    True consciousness for me is when I can connect to the one consciousness, everything else falls into place. It isn’t about feeling good as much as being totally awake and being the receiver of the one. It can be calm, and it can be interactively active, a dance a flow and communicating with the communicator.

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  4. Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

  5. Nice!

    Your article reminded me of my readings of Osho. In his Awareness, as an example, he says that consciousness and awareness are keys to happy and successful life; a life thus lived stops having adjectives good/bad, right/wrong as it takes on a new flavor, which we normal mortals do not and cannot know, of direct, uninterrupted, un-regrettable path towards a happy future which we create as we go.

    Anyway so alert, awake and conscious about your body, thoughts and behavioral patterns is what makes you be in control of life and enjoying it.

    But the notion of consciousness from this Eastern perspective has a limited intellectual appeal, let alone practical adaptation in West.

    In West, we like to think of consciousness in terms of Hofstadter’s Strange Loops or in terms of Weak Emergence, in both cases consciousness being a complex fruit of interaction/grouping of simpler entities.

    My 2 cents.

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