What’s worth thinking about?


A Gallup study of over 2,000,000 people (by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D.) states that the average person makes approximately 1,000 decisions a day; in fact, the average person makes 200 decisions on food alone. That is 365,000 a year.

This means out of the 365,000 decisions you make annually, 402 of them account for two thirds of your success or failure for the year.

What if you could identify these 402 decisions as they surface?
Source: http://www.whatsworththinkingabout.com

But before you go, let’s do the math together.
The way I see it is this…

1,000 decisions per day
365,000 decisions per year
402 decisions are 2/3 success/failure per year
364,598 decisions 1/3 success/failure per year
and… other sources say
60,000 thoughts per day
21,900,000 thoughts per year

Ok, now that we have all the variables let’s dig even further.
402 decisions/12months = 33.5 decisions per month 2/3 of that is…
22.11 decisions account for your success/failure for the month.

60,0000 thoughts per day/1,000 decisions per year
60 thoughts per decision.

22.11 decisions per month/30
.737 decisions per day (let’s say one)
one decision per day
60 thoughts per decision

Our success/rate is determined that if we make one decision per day correctly based on 60 thoughts per day focused on that one decision.

So if we take one hour out of our day meditate and visualize that hour with sixty thoughts focused on those 60 thoughts to make that decision. Our year will have done this on average 402 decisions that were based on that one hour each day we dedicated to to focusing on sixty high intense thoughts.

The other 1/3 of those thoughts are then automatic unconscious thoughts that make up our other decisions….

What is really worth thinking about?

Here’s another interesting note that they say 98% of what we do is unconscious.

Being conscious to that one hour each day you are focusing on 2/3 of your success factor for the year.

Also read the Butterfly Effect article on this site
Here’s the link again….

Note; I’m not a Mathematician, just a curious fellow who likes to play with numbers…If you know any mathemetician who might be able to break it down for me even more let them know…


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  1. Janet vanderhoof

    One great decision a day can change our life exponentially. Thanks something to think about.

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