You are the sum total of your variables.

What does it mean to be the sum total of your variables?

Well… it means that you are complete, whole, and perfect.

Nobodies perfect right? Wrong!

You are perfectly unfolding. In life we are either growing or dead.

Everything is a growing process, and we acknowledge that growth when we know we’ve learned how to grow.

The philosophy behind the “sum total of your variables” is saying that I subjectively understand my completeness and wholeness.

Your sum total of your variables are broken into four categories.

Your psychology (brain) which is the part of you that runs your behaviour, your reponsens, your reactions, your emotions.

Your philosophy (wisdom) the part of you that is based on your imagination.

Your Mentality (mindsets) the part of you that formulates what to believe in congruence to your natural ability.

Your Spirituality (I AM) the part of you that is pure potential.

Among these four variables are many many aspects of “self”

But you don’t have to know them all, but you can say I am complete and whole because I finally accept and allow my sum total of variables to unfold perfectly in my life.

The sum total of your variables are a complex system of the brain’s function and that functioning brain has received it’s formula the day you were born. But after that it continues to form new concepts based on your nurturing and enviornment.

The things that affect you might not affect others, and one may say that we are different and we are. But where we are not different is how we choose to say that the entire human existance doesn’t know.

We don’t know because when we do, then we really don’t.

But you can understand, and this subjective understanding is saying, “i am complete, whole and perfect because I accept and allow the sum total of my variables to unfold perfectly.

Sum total of your variables include:
Your soul, your past lifetimes, your parents, your parents parents, your environment, your astrological chart, your friends, your family, your grade school teacher, your highschool teacher, what you watch on tv, what you read, what mom was thinking while you were in her belly, your unconscious beliefs, your subconscious patterns and on and on they go…..

When you then see this as I finally know that I don’t know, they you know you can create at any given moment based on the perfection unfolding that is you.

Unfold Perfectly.

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