Direct Marketing to the masses by focusing on Demographic Lifestyle’s

How many Generation X males who are entrepreneurs and enjoy grunge music and are covered in tattoos and run their own businesses, that don’t have a clue about what Open Innovation is and how it can help them grow their business?

I’m assuming more then one.

But what makes this targeted demographic is not that they are male, nor that they have certain characteristic attributes, it’s the experience of the lifestyle that satisfies their potential to be marketed at.

No longer is it viable to say that every demographic fits the same marketability, in fact it’s too expensive and it’s more of guess work.

Advertising has seen a shift in their spending dollars based on targeting to the masses and though it’s still being used, the strategy comes down to targeting to the masses and still speaks directly to the consumer that is being targeted at.

That is where lifestyles/experiences come into affect.

Demographic Lifestyles are taking certain attributes and satisfying their experience based on the profiling that comes from doing such investigative work.

For example, let’s use the above analogy and cater to the needs of this demographic lifestyle.

Open innovation is open innovation, but the way one experiences open innovation may be totally different, the lifestyle thus becomes the experience.

The experience based on the lifestyle that they are living, and thus when we market our product/service to lifestyles, we then are directly taking masses and speaking directly to them.

There are many lifestyles, and they are diverse you cannot pinpoint any specific lifestyle that has the same traits, but you can narrow down your niche marketing to even get closer to the hearts of consumers experience of your efforts, not the service you provide, the service is something that comes after the product/service is being experienced, but the experience prior to it, is based on that lifestyle you have profiled and can speak directly to them.

So lets stick to the example of how can you as an Innovation Consultant, or any type of consultant speak directly to the above mentioned demographic lifestyle.

First, seek out who already is satisfying their needs in some way, then create a cooperative partnership that may be found in email campaigns, landing pages, squeeze pages and directly speak to their experience.

You can speak to them not in your language but in theirs, and when you satisfy their experience, you are triggering their harmony in not allowing them to come out of their comfort zone for you, but you indulge them with your product/service in their own comfort zone.

Sales copy is not read, it’s experienced, based on that lifestyle.

Direct Marketing to the masses now just became that much more interesting.

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  1. Great article Spiro. Thank you for sharing.

  2. AngelB.

    The traditional direct marketing method works well in a business where companies can control messaging to groups of people and where people cannot easily share information between groups.Angel,Buy Marketing Lists

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