It’s all about alignment

It’s obvious that the number one factor involved in anything we do is fear and that fear is based on too many options that are trying to get our attention.

Though there are many forms of options, I will speak about the options when it comes to growing your business. The information that surfaces on a daily basis, each how-to and knowledge based offering has created more fear and doubt in many people’s minds then ever before.

The fear that I don’t know who to choose to help me, what information is right and what to do about it causes stagnation and procrastination which also is an added ill effect, especially in a fast paced environment of getting things done faster, effectively and more effeciently.

Especially in times when we are eliminating needed expenses to preserve what we have built. But what we don’t realize is that we have to keep moving forward and to do that we must be more conscious and aware of what it is that we must exactly do to bring more value.

The headache for most comes to picking and choosing which options are most viable and important to the growth and value adding incentives and initiatives that you really know you have to partake in.

Thus, aligning yourself with the right people, information and services that need to help you get the job done are of the outmost importance.

But it’s easier said then done, and that is because we have based most if not all our decisions on the mental capacity of trying to figure things out from a level that just doesn’t serve our most cherished purposes.

And those purposes are to experience harmony, synergy and to move forward in the path of least resistance. We can’t afford to spend countless hours and energy and money on making poor decisions.

Aligning yourself to what is easy, effortlessly and what will lead is a flow of opportunities that you couldn’t have figured out in the first place.

Aligning yourself up is saying i have to ask the right questions that serve my highest purpose. The alignment comes from seeing that it’s going with the flow.

Determing that you are not to force anything but to empower yourself to see that you can attract what is most important to you and your business.

There is so much information on how to get your business more profits, or how to do this and that, and it may be truly overwhelming if you don’t have one most important, if not the most important tool in your bag. and that is intuition.

Intuition is not just some gut feeling, it’s the tool that aligns you up with the highest purpose and serves you for the ultimate good that you are trying to bring forth.

Intuition cuts through the clutter and gets you to the heart of what you need to align yourself with.

For example, if you are trying to find out more about innovation and creativity and idea generation, you cannot use only mental capacity to find what is the perfect solution for you. The “how to” mind will try to figure it out, only leaving you with a large amount of overload.

Intuition will get you there as a long as you allow it to set you in motion and get you aligned with the right information/people/services.

Trust your intution, understand that its aligning you and setting you on a course that knows alot more then the thinking mind will ever know.

The signs are there always if you have the ability to be open to the idea that you can’t control it and nor do you want to.

How to align yourself? First be calm, cool, and collective to the idea that you don’t need to know, you just have to understand the process of elimination and to stay detached from all that you encounter on a daily basis.

To pick what is right for you is not a random act of luck, but to align yourself up with the flow of energy that keeps you in the mindset of i am always in the flow to grow and learn what serves my highest purpose. YOu will see a much more relaxed way of experiencing the daily activities of life and business.

If you’re overwhelmed with information coming at you and you don’t know where to turn to or who to trust. Then your not listening to the intuitiveness that you are gifted with.

In the end, faith and trust is all we have. But discipline makes it so.

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  2. Bravo, what words…, a magnificent idea

  3. Janet Vanderhoof

    As usual you bring us to a different level, and intuitive level. Very nice Blog Spiro. Yes the answer may be in the question, the intuitive question. Thanks.

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