Mindmapping and taking notes

Organizing your thoughts is crucial to mapping out the synergy and the congruency of bringing forth thoughts/ideas into processes that formulate bigger ideas that can come to fruition.

The problem most face is the lateral thinking of taking notes and the way the information is processed and thus it can’t be truly viable and effective if not done in a way that suits the purpose of taking notes in the first place.

Here’s a suggestion, doesn’t matter if you are using a mindmap software or as simple as laying it out on a bristol board.

Make four sections one in each corner and lable them as follows:
Top Left:Information
Top Right:Imagination
Bottom Left: Insight
Bottom Right: Inspiration

By doing this you are characterizing your notes based on the value that they are brought about. For example, you might come across a blog that you read that has only a few short sentences that “intuitively” trigger you that need to be kept as notes.
Which category do they fall under?
If it feels as if it’s an Imagination note then put it under that section.
Perhaps later on, you might come across another quote or something that feels inspirational, add it under the inspiration section.

The point of this excercise in taking notes based on the mindmapping is you are then able to see the co-relation of the items you noted and perhaps an idea will come from the combination of thoughts.

Simple and effective way to keep notes and to get ideas from indirect sources of information, on a daily basis.

I suggest creating a mind map with the four categories. Once a day, then at the end of the week combine them.

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  1. Janet Vanderhoof

    This is a very practical and usable approach, worth trying.

  2. Spiro, I like this approach, I have tweeted it here for others to see: http://www.twitter.com/biggerplate

    Dont know if you're familiar with Biggerplate but I'm trying to develop more links to the site from blogs etc, so let me know if you're interested!

    Best wishes'

    Liam Hughes

    Founder: Biggerplate.com

  3. Interesting concept! I'll try this out. It will come in handy for me because I'm always finding useful nuggets of Internet Marketing information online and I have text files all over my desktop that could be organized better with your concept!



  4. Your four categories look like they will help identify what made something memorable,

    I just created a mind map template to use this technique.

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