A visual of mindmaps and taking notes

Have you ever thought what  it would be like  to map out your thoughts and see what the results would be?

Taking notes and mindmaps is a great way to make sense of  how ideas come to you and how more so you can create ideas from notes  you’ve taken on a variety of subjects that  you came across in any given moment throughout the day.

Taking notes is more or less observations of information and releasing it into a mindmap so you can keep your mind clear and focused that way information doesn’t become overload.

When you take notes, they come in different degrees of understanding.

Imagination, Information, Insight and Inspiration

The reason I myself have chosen to break them into what I call mind containers is because, sometimes I come across information that I need to keep on file, but just keeping  it on file isn’t enough, there  has to be a reason why.

The reason then becomes an information note, and i attach a link to the information regardless if it’s a websie, pdf, etc. and a reason why this is a note.

In the  imagination slot, is where I place notes that pertain to the big picture, a vision that i am trying to piece together, it’s kind of like finding a piece of the puzzle, and thus i put this under the imaginaiton container.

Inspiration is when we have an intuitive reaction to a thought, this then would allow you to put it under the inspiration container.

and finally an insight note, most of the time are random thoughts that come to us when we have learned something new, this then goes under the insight slot.

In essence what you are doing is caputuring thoughts and gatherng  them into a mindmap where then the process of relations happens, sometimes an idea can be generated from two different notes that  come together to create an idea.

This is a great way to play with your thoughts, to see what can come from them, and how you can generate new ideas, Make it a way to see that  note taking can truly be easy on you and it’s a fun way to generate new ideas.

Try it.

Download the pdf version of taking notes

If you use Mindmanager and would like  to download the file click on the link below

(Note: if you are  using Internet Explorer, when you click save type after the file name, .mmap, do not save as zip, for some reason some technical difficulties with IE) If you use Firefox just save as normal.

Download the Mindmanager 8 file

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