The principle of rhythm and what it has to do with the Universe at large

Hermetic Philosophy based from the wisdom and teachings of Hermes Trismegistus who was named the Father of Occult Wisdom spread his teachings to his students about the various factors that play out in the universe. Among his teachings were the seven Hermetic Principles.

Of the seven, the principle of Rhythm has its true understanding if we adapt it to the current situation that has unfolded as the Universe at large.

The principle states:

“Everything flows out and in, everything has its tides, all things rise and fall, the pendulum-swing manifests in everything, the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left. Rhythm compensates. – The Kybalion

I’m sure you’ve heard that for every action there is a reaction and for every advancement there comes a retreat, we rise and sink, what goes up must come down, take the good with the bad and vice versa.

These principles are in fact principles, as the saying goes, “it’s the principle” and indeed we see this swing mentioned in the above quote happening in our world today.

For over 13 years we have seen the rise of technology, the internet fast growing business, many millionaires made over this time period and lots and lots of jobs created from such an exponential growth period.

We’ve enjoyed it and have come to also take that enjoyment on an egotistical level as well, pride has come into the mix and we have seen the tangible assets become such an expense on our own being.

This is a principle, it’s a law of itself that has happened because we must look at it and say, we must take the bad with what good has come.

However, what makes any person a master of their own destiny is when they come to understand that this principle is meant for realization purposes, to accept that where we are is because we created it with a full swing forward, only to understand that the principle will make up and compensate for the swing back.

However, that swing backwards can be overcome with consciousness and understanding of why we are in a situation where the tide had risen only to come back down crashing on us, some of us seen this coming and it’s those masters of thought that prepared them for it.

They prepared by first understanding that the Universe itself is not outside the realm of these principles, that it’s the father of leading out with accepting and obeying these principles.

Such as humans we also have to take this and say “I am willing to take responsibility of my own actions and take the bad with the good. But it doesn’t have to be looked at as bad or good, rather it is what it is, as if we are to accept that love is all there is.

The fact that we see this economic so called “crisis” devastate many tangible items, it’s the intangible of thought and feeling and detachment to the things that in the end don’t mean a thing next to you as a person within.

Thus, your conscious effort to rise above the back swing and allow the back swing that has come to go beneath you, to be conscious of your mistakes and conscious of how it will unfold as a benefit of a lesson learned.

Perhaps, this also stems into the thought of being above one’s ego and seeing this didn’t happen to you, it happened to all of us, and we are one with the Universe and thus we are to accept it as one.

“Universes are created, reach their extreme low point of materiality, and then begin their upward swing. Suns spring into being, and then their height of power being reached, the process of retrogression begins, and after aeons they become dead masses of matter, awaiting another impulse which starts again their inner energies into activity and a new solar life cycle is begun. And thus it is with all the worlds, they are born, grow and die, only to be reborn – The Kybalion

If we look at the economic situation around the world we are still tasting the effects of the back swing, and it’s our responsibility which means ability to respond to it by accepting that with love and only love we can rise above any debris that is taking its back lash and thus the principle of rhythm is not resisted but respected and admired for it’s principles of leading us according to a law/principle that is unbreakable.

Just like we are unbreakable, no house, no amount of loss can affect our spirit, our true essence that comes only from a love of true authentic understanding and that is empowering to know, rather then force ourselves to stop a rolling ball down a hill that only will run us over.

We can’t, it’s not to be forced, it’s to be accepted and allowed only to come out the other side with a fresh look and perspective on what really matters.

And it’s evident, you see more people getting in touch with what counts in the depths of one’s soul, the respect and appreciation that we are all together in a world of possibility and enlarge our perspectives to others, who have no clue why they’re sufferings are happening.

This all comes into the affect of saying, I am conscious of the principles I must obey and thus to obey them is to accept it and move forward.

If then we see this principle for what it is, we can’t take anything personally. This principle doesn’t have names. It’s in all of us.

We then come to grips on this back swing, we then rise above it and then we stay in the moment, give lots of thanks for what we have, and most of all what we are discovering we have on the inside and let the outside reflect that in you.

“It is akin of rising above a “thing” and letting it pass beneath you.” A Kybalion

Be Well.

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  1. Great post Spiro. Many people see these economic times as troublesome but many others are finally venturing forth for their true calling and discovering their real being inside. Thank you for sharing my friend.

  2. Janet Vanderhoof

    Well done. Understanding the "swing back" can be just as rich and where we can have our biggest growth.

  3. awareness and consciousness are desperately needed globally this is the state in 2009, hopefully by years end greater awareness and collaboratives will kick in and the climate change issues will swing back to being addressed again and we can get on with thriving planet earth rather than surviving it alone.

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