Twitter and the Automotive Industry and Lack of Creativity

It’s Friday Night, a bit bored, courageous in thought and a bit disappointed in the thoughts I had when they arrived after I did a brief observation of Automotive Brands and Twitter.

My overall assumptions show that there is one thing lacking in all of them.


I know. I know Twitter is still pretty new to mainstream. But that in some ways doesn’t excuse the creativity that should be placed upon the experience and the ways Twitter can be used more creatively.

I’m not talking about using Twitter for CRM
I’m not talking about using Twitter to push product.

I’m talking about lack of creativity in using Twitter to create experiences.

But what I found from my brief observation of these Brands and Twitter based on their followings that people don’t care to follow them.

The automotive industry.

Chrysler 1857 Followers – 79 Following

Ford 10,546 Followers – 10,102 Following

GM 8607 Followers – 2584 Following

Toyota 6098 Followers – 5163 Following

Scion 2557 Followers – 2809 Following

Innovation isn’t only about getting jobs done for customers, but innovation is also creatively enhancing and engaging the customer experience. Customers are prospects too.

What is lacking is the creativity. This is social media. I understand but brands can be social when they have a personality behind them.

Twitter + Brand+ Personality + Creativity = Innovation upon the Experience

Don’t make it so boring.

Engage us, but entice us to want to engage with you and I’m not talking about inside look into the brand, I’m talking about a lively personality who can take twitter and the brand to the next level.

I’m talking about lively individuals who can create awareness that we are alive and well on Twitter and you want to engage with us and we will show you why.

Think about it this way.

You’re creating experiences.

There are tons of things you can do to be more creative with the experience.

It has nothing to do with the brand, the product or the customer service, but the experience of it all.

By having a personality always gaining momentum to gain followers and to follow them back then gives you the room to throw in some sales tactics, a strategy that will create a conversation with people, dm’s and ways to really unfold the experience and get increase and growth indirectly. And cost effectively too.

Look at Chryslers for example, they are only following 79 people and it’s not obvious from the rest of the other big guns that they have the least followers themselves.

Let’s take Scion which is more of a Generation Y brand, has the potential to do some amazing things to create brand experience prior to any buying pattern strategies, who knows, people always change their minds all the time, and this is your chance to do it.

But if it’s going to work it’s going to need a personality, someone who is well rounded, who has the ability to draw in people, to keep a conversation, to provide valuable information, to give back to the followers, to throw parties and invite people, to know how to dm and throw in a sales pitch once in a while, to recommend the nearest dealer for a free test drive. Make friends with people. People want to be loved and make me love you. But pick someone who knows how to love.

The experience itself is one, to make me happy, and to do it even if I don’t buy your product because you never know, when I’m ready, and we are always going to be ready at one point or another I will think of you because you made me happy with the experience of it and not the brand itself. But more importantly you keep your brand in my head, everyday.

Integration means integrity and if integrity reminds me of you, then when i’m ready to buy I will, and if i already own your brand, i won’t stop, i’ll stay loyal. Why? Because you love me that much to satisfy my experience of you.

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