Why Influence disrespects Intuition

Influence takes away the conscious participation in your life.

Influence is something that takes you away from ever seeing the real value you have within you, the purpose you were born to bring forth and the lessons you will encounter in each stage of your unfolding life.

Influence causes people not to make their own choices, they turn their heads like swivel sticks and jump on the next bandwagon that comes along because it’s the psychological factors that play their roles in those influential moments.

If you are influenced easily, you will follow whatever comes your way, but to be a leader of your self, you have to influence yourself, and listen to the voice within to make judgment calls when appropriate and allow the influence to come from within.

That’s why influence disrespects intuition, because if you are influenced from outside sources how can the voice within that is asking you to listen to the true notion of influence, your intuition

Your intuition wants to influence you to make the right decision based on the deep core of value that lies within you.

The values are not outside, they are inside and the influence that dwells inside is your intuition, it doesn’t want to harm you it wants to guide you in the most direct possible way to unfold your gifts, your talents and desires to be happy all the time assuring you don’t need outside influences to make you happy.

If you are easily influenced by people, circumstances, opinions, drama and anything that has to do with external influences then it’s not because something is wrong, but because you are attached to those influences, it’s an energy that multiplies.

And you can’t escape it because it’s to fast and energetic if you are not aware of it, the voice inside you is subtle and sweet, it’s about stopping and getting of the bandwagon.

If you are influenced but outside sources easily you will also suffer information overload, because each piece of information that comes to you, you will be influenced by it, stay detached listen to your intuition and make those decisions you have to make without influence of anything that dwells outside of you.

The answers are all within you, and though you may need external forms to verify it, it’s only doing so because you are able to see you are on the right path.

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  1. Great post Spiro, thank you. I finally realize that the answer to all our "wantings" and "strivings" are really a wanting to discover what's already inside us already. Thank you for sharing my friend, take care.

  2. Spiro…what an eye opener for me. Life is in front of us and it is up to us to see it through the way "WE" want it to. Thanks for posting this..it's one of my favorites. Talk soon.

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