Innovation is blah blah

I would like to take this opportunity and try and disrupt the notion of innovation.

If I was under pressure to give my thoughts on Innovation I would say this…

Innovation is based on three “jobs”

Technical, Functional, Emotional

Of the three which one do you think is most important?

Think about it this way. Let’s say that you are in New York and you need to get to England, and your choices of getting there are by plane or ship. Which would you choose?

Most would say plane and for the simple reason because it’s faster.
Who made it faster? People
Why is it faster? Technology
How is it faster? Function and the how then derives the What!

Function is the bridge that connects these two islands, it’s the pathway between people and technology.

In order to function we derive our value from understanding harmony of which emotions harmonize in relation to function and technology harmonizes in relation to function.

Everything but anything you think or do has to be the derivative of function.

Let’s go back to the notion of “jobs” jobs in it’s most simplest form is “get it done” outcomes need to get done, needs need to get done and wants need to get done, the demands of people are fluctuating with the demands of function.

For example, we are convinced that we need to do things faster, cheaper, wiser, and those only stem from function, not from technology and not from people. They stem from function.

Anything I see that was created in the world was created to properly give us the ability to function.

Take the diaper, our mothers (or whoever changed us) used cloths for diapers, they probably had several dozen and each time we pooped ourselves they would change us and put us in a fresh one, but the journey for that cloth diaper didn’t stop there, it then needed to be handled, washed, dried, and ready to be re-used again.

The emotional job in relation to function at that time must of been frustrating. Imagine all that poop!!!

Then someone comes along and says “there needs to be a better way” and hence comes along the disposable diaper. But it didn’t stop there it continued it’s quest to improve function…

My point is that we innovate by function, we expand the bridge on both sides to create function for people through people and in itself people. NOT technology….but as people extend their capabilities of thought towards function so does technology come to meet us in the middle.

The first step to innovation is stop defining it and start building it. Build the bridge in your mind, build the models that lay the foundation of the functioning bridge, allow people to function so that they can continuously see more of the functioning needed to keep the bridge stable between the growth in people and in technology.

Technology is our third eye, arm, and in some cases our second brain. But it’s not the primary reason of innovation, the primary reason for innovation is people.

People function that’s innovation. People use technology to function, people use other people to function,

Function, Function, Function…

At the “heart” of innovation is function.

We can lose sight of our goals in life when we lose sight of what our main goal in life is. Harmony.

Function is just a business word to describe harmony.

Harmony is about happiness, and happiness is a function.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. We are functioning.

Just as i write this @paul4innoating posted “Robust to Resilient for Innovation Thinking”

Guess What? resilience is function.

Think function and you start the innovation process…

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