After working in various marketing disciplines early in my career, it wasn’t until 2003 when I realized that all my interest in learning and working in those various disciplines that my next initiative would be to create a consulting service that would add value around helping SME’s leverage the vast amounts of information and insights around all the disciplines of marketing.

Since then I’ve gone on to work with various businesses in various industries including Print Publication, Entertainment, and New Media where I provided a service of guiding clients interests in leveraging that information and gaining from it.

However, I felt that my service offering needed to shift from just marketing best practices and to include a supporting role that would include emerging best practices in Service Design, Social Customer Relationship Management, Design thinking, Lean, Value Co Creation, Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking, Outcome Driven Innovation among other things, and continue providing SME’s with the support needed to leverage vital information that would help grow their businesses.

Today, I’m fortunate to have found a balance flow between my personal pursuit of learning and growing and supporting SME’s with the research I do on a daily basis (especially now through twitter) and create value networks of people who share information around emerging topics that help improve on business activity.